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Carlisle is centered around four key business areas. Our structure is complementary in nature to deliver value above the sum of our parts.


Carlisle’s Strategy & Operations practice represents the core of our business offering. Our methods are based on proven best practices and results achieved through years of experience helping global motor vehicle companies reach a range of performance objectives. That deep experience, coupled with our proprietary knowledge of the industry, allows us to offer unparalleled insights to clients. Our specialties cover all aspects of Parts & Service.



For over 20 years, Carlisle has developed close ties with our clients to build the most robust research and benchmarking practice in the industry. Our access to data is what truly sets us apart – Carlisle Insights powers everything that we do. By keeping a constant pulse on the state of the industry and having OEM best practices in our back pocket, we translate Insights into true value for our clients.



The automotive industry is generating data at an exponential rate. Much of this information has utility beyond its intended purpose, and with the power of statistical inference and machine learning, can be used to tackle various business challenges. Carlisle is here to help OEMs navigate the world of data analytics and transform their data into an even more valuable asset. With a combination of analytics expertise and deep knowledge of the industry, Carlisle is helping OEMs improve their business performance with data analytics.



Every major player in the industry is pondering the same question – what does getting from point A to B look like in the future? Swift developments in autonomous drive and the explosion of the sharing economy put us on a crash course for a shake-up. While industry leaders are exploring unchartered territory, Carlisle is staying ahead of the story.

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