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Our work with nearly every major motor vehicle OEM gives us unprecedented access to industry information in ways that are not possible in other spaces. This, combined with creative and experienced people, from associates to partners, makes us uniquely qualified to tackle the biggest industry problems.

Carlisle is the preferred provider of strategic guidance and tactical solutions for the world’s leading motor vehicle brands. Our work is global in nature and spans all aspect of vehicle aftersales.

OEMs in the automotive, powersports, buses, trucks, construction equipment, and agricultural equipment sectors have been coming to Carlisle for decades. Our unique position grants us the opportunity to pair business strategy concepts from a variety of industries with unparalleled expertise in the niche industry of motor vehicle aftersales. The result is an approach to project work that digs beyond the surface. Throughout our organization, we pride ourselves in excellence.

Learn more about how Carlisle delivers true, action-defined value to our clients every day.

No one has access to the breadth and depth of information that we do. This information powers everything that we do.
Decades of in-depth industry exposure in a constantly growing space qualifies us to understand what’s happening now and expect what’s coming next.
 Our place in a niche market means that we can truly be experts. This means providing real value to our clients.
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