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Every major player in the industry is pondering the same question – what does getting from point A to B look like in the future? Swift developments in autonomous drive and the explosion of the sharing economy put us on a crash course for a shake-up. While industry leaders are exploring unchartered territory, Carlisle is staying ahead of the story.

One of the hottest trends in our industry today can be summed up by the question:
“So what’s the deal with Mobility?”

The question of Mobility encompasses a variety of unknowns that we are rapidly diving into – from autonomous vehicle to innovative models of vehicle ownership. The scope of this topic extends beyond the motor vehicle into city planning, public transit, and as far as socioeconomic issues. Carlisle’s Mobility practice focuses primarily on the impact autonomous vehicles will have on the motor vehicle industry. We haven’t forgotten the aspects of mobility that reach beyond the passenger car, and we will occasionally touch on public and other modes of transportation.

There are dozens of companies researching autonomous vehicles and many are testing their products on public roads today. Each day, there is a new story in the media about the technological and testing developments in this space. However, the majority of coverage given to mobility is focused on the technology, not evaluating the impact it will have on our industry. The technology is compelling, but it’s not the full story.

To follow the fascinating future of mobility as it unfolds, check out the Carlisle Mobility Blog or the Carlisle Mobility Roadmap.

Carlisle Mobility Blog

The Carlisle Mobility Blog began in May 2017 with a focus on understanding the implications that future mobility concepts (e.g. autonomous drive, shared ownership, etc) have on our clients’ parts and service business. Topics of exploration include the regulatory progress surrounding autonomous vehicles, case studies of innovative players in the autonomous space, and the cybersecurity risks associated with increasingly connected vehicles.


Carlisle Mobility Roadmap

In the arena of autonomous drive, there are hundreds of players angling towards a completely autonomous future. With so many contenders (both OEM and non-OEM) making rapid advances, it’s easy to get lost in the noise. What are we capable of today? And who will get there first, and when? The Carlisle Mobility Roadmap aims to bring clarity to those questions by cataloging the current state and expected progress of every major player.

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