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For over 20 years, Carlisle has developed close ties with our clients, enabling us to build the most robust research and benchmarking practice in the industry. Our access to data is what truly sets us apart – Carlisle Insights powers everything that we do. By keeping a constant pulse on the state of the industry and having OEM best practices in our back pocket, we translate Insights into true value for our clients.


Syndicated benchmarks that enlighten our clients and drive the industry forward.

After decades facilitating benchmarks for dozens of clients in every corner of the industry, Carlisle stands alone as the recognized expert in motor vehicle aftersales. The core value of the Carlisle Benchmarking practice is to empower our clients with actionable insights that are deeply rooted in industry data.

Behind every benchmark project or event is the most current and comprehensive data set available, allowing OEMs to see exactly how they perform relative to industry peers. This information culminates in Carlisle Data Books – densely populated resources that hold a wealth of data across all facets of the industry. Over the years we have built our Data Books in collaboration with our clients to establish globally consistent metrics that measure every imaginable area of interest.

Most Carlisle benchmarks are also supported by facilitated events, either in the form of conferences which address a wide range of topics, or Focus Days which are concentrated on a particular area of interest. Subject matter experts from participating OEMs come together to learn from each other in moderated discussions and presentations. All information is protected by the Carlisle NDA which allows us to collaborate and grow together as a collective group.

Between events and Data Books, Carlisle benchmarking is always on, and always relevant. Learn more about the areas covered in different benchmark areas.



Industry research that taps the voices of our customers.

Carlisle’s clients power global syndicated studies with reach in over 40 countries. Our survey studies cover topics such as customer attitudes, satisfaction, purchase loyalty, and price sensitivities. Dealer personnel surveys grant OEMs critical insights into the health of their networks.

Our surveys offer an unrivaled cross-industry perspective. With the support of our clients, Carlisle has developed a best-in-class approach to generate response rates. We work together to design surveys that offer unsurpassed detail, relevance, and richness of content. The result is data and insightful reports that drive action.

The reach of our research is constantly expanding. Join countless industry peers in Carlisle syndication.



Carlisle syndicated surveys are designed by our clients, for our clients. Every participant receives detailed cross-industry reporting of results, including all raw data and respondent verbatims. In addition to core survey questions, we offer tailored results with custom OEM-specific questions


Beyond syndicated surveys, the Research team conducts targeted studies on critical topics. Tackling topics such as 3D printing and the industry’s technician crisis requires a deeper and more focused approach. Carlisle studies aim to pair research findings with insight from industry experts, often in the form of study panels.

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