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2017 NAPB Automotive Emerging Trends Focus Day

Emerging Trends Focus Days are an opportunity for your brand to engage with our subject matter experts and industry leaders to discuss the most relevant issues in the motor vehicle aftersales industry. Carlisle offers a day of frank and productive discussions and a no-holds-barred debrief over dinner.

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2017 NAPB Human Resource Management – How Do We Get and Keep Talent Focus Day

This Focus Day is all about how we can create more “builders” – how we identify them, foster their development and growth, and engage them so they make a solid contribution to the organization. This applies to supply chain professionals as well as warehouse supervisors and operators.

Relying on a temporary workforce creates some unique challenges. To better understand and address these challenges, we will include a benchmark study on the use of temps, the agencies they work for, and best practices associated with this approach to staffing.

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2017 South America Parts Benchmark

The 2017 SAPB will consist of a comprehensive Data Book containing over 100 pages of supply chain metrics. In addition, Carlisle will present the results in an accompanying webinar.

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2017 Asia Parts Benchmark

The Asia Parts Benchmark (APB) brings together motor-vehicle OEMs to share data in the service parts area. The collected information allows participants to compare performance metrics and better understand their own strengths and weaknesses. The 2017 APB will consist of a comprehensive Data Book and an accompanying webinar.

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2017 FVLB Vehicle Delivery Mini-Benchmark

This mini-benchmark will collect manufacturer level data regarding operational policies, procedures, and practices around delivery of new vehicles for sale to your dealers / retailers. This information will be used to interpret data and inform analysis for the 2017 pilot for the Vehicle Delivery Survey.

2017 Global Automotive & Truck Parts Manager Survey

This September marks the launch of the tenth iteration of the Global Parts Manager Survey. The benchmarking survey includes key manufacturers in the automotive and truck industries. It is being conducted in 40 countries on five continents and in more than two dozen languages. Due to its global reach, the survey has become a key instrument for global OEM aftersales organizations to take the pulse of their key customer – the parts manager.

2017 European & Global Heavy Equipment Parts Manager Survey

Carlisle will launch its 2017 edition of the European Heavy Equipment Parts Manager Survey on October 9th, covering 11 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific. Designed for the needs of agricultural and construction OEMs, this survey covers the entire breadth of parts-related issues. Specific topics include supply chain issues (e.g., availability, delivery, condition of shipments) to OEM support programs (e.g., technical support, field support, training) to sales/marketing (e.g., service marketing, pricing, procurement).